Monday, January 30, 2012

Wedding Surprise!

Three years ago (Jan 10, 2009), my husband gave me this wedding surprise.

Actually, it was a gift from my best friends.  They "trained" my sweet but shy husband to sing a song to me during the wedding... in Cantonese !  First, they showed a video, then, when my husband stood up, I was like "why are you standing up?!?".  Wow, I couldn't hold my tears.  Even today, every time I thought of that moment, it's like sweet honey flows in my heart.

It's a song originally sang by Andy Lau 劉德華 in Mandarin.  As famous as Andy Lau is, this song is not that popular.  It's about wedding.  Since I am from Hong Kong, my friend changed the lyrics into Cantonese and trained my American husband to sing it.  Some of the pronunciation can  be very "tricky".  Especially the first word "能".  It could have a totally "different" meaning if you say it in a different tone, some can be very "bad" words.  My husband was so nervous to pronounce it right, especially in front of at least 100 guests who actually speak the language!  

I admire my husband's courage, and I am so thankful for his love.  So, three years later, my husband still knows that song.  Maybe he is getting a little bit more "Chinese" now, could actually say a few words in daily conversation in Cantonese.  But this is the sweetest.


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