Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dim Sum Yum Yum

We just came back from visiting my grandma in Hong Kong.  Thankfully, as 91 as she is, she is doing remarkably well.  My husband and I had a great time, and enjoyed all kind of food!

It's been 9 years we know each other.  Over the years, my husband has learned to use Chopsticks really really well.  Even I hold it the wrong way, he holds very properly and can function no problem.  Of course, that is a big contrast of some "projectile flying food" incidents in the beginning, including one time to his future father-in-law.  haha

Of all things, it took years before he would be willing the try "chicken feet" (點心 - 鳳爪)He grew up in a farm, understandably that is a big hurdle to get over the thought of where of these "feet" had been.  So, finally, he said to me "I would try it within this (2010) year".  Well, he finally did and he loves 鳳爪 ever since!  Take a look!

But several things he still wouldn't eat - 
  • Red Beans 紅豆 (but he would eat Green Beans?!?!)  - he said it's the texture.
  • Chinese Mushroom   - he said it's the texture.
I will work on those.  haha.  

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