Thursday, February 23, 2012

Would it work?

There was an interesting news on ABC News about Interracial Marriage (here).  Thought it would be nice to share a little on my own experience.

No doubt, it is not conventional.  It's not new but it feels way more natural nowadays than years ago.  No doubt there is fear, but we stepped forward anyway.

My husband and I came from the far end of the spectrum in terms of cultural and background differences.
Me:  Big City, Everything Fast Fast Fast, typical Asian education and culture, etc
Hubby: Farm land in the heart land of America, relax and slow environment, American culture, etc.

Honestly, there were times in our relationships I ask myself - Would it work?  It's a fair question, for the both of us.

I would think about very practical stuff - 
Family very different - for us to adapt both of our families.
Language - we can't enjoy the Cantonese movies together as much
Food - Could he stand my cantonese style family cooking?  

Lots of What-if on my mind.  But the fact is, race does not matter as much as love.  It's the person you love, not the race.  We've gone through our share of long road before coming before the altar.  Not because of our culture, but it's things that are Not related to our cultural background that we needed to sort through.  Ultimately, the most important thing that bond our strong marriage, is that we share the same value, same Christian faith.  Doesn't matter what skin color we have, as long as we have the same value, we have the same basis.

Though, I must say, being in a interracial marriage is actually quite fun -
We never feel tired of learning more about each other.  I feel like I get a share of life in the Farm when I never had a chance to, and he get to experience the fast pace lifestyle.  I enjoy listening to farm stories and he loves Hong Kong!  We get to see things in various perspective.  When I tend to go fast, he can calm me down.  When he's too slow, I can speed things up.  I guess it works out, at least for us. :)

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