Saturday, August 11, 2012

What is ... Amaebi?

What is ... Amaebi?  My husband asked.

One interesting thing about being in a marriage of different cultural backgrounds, is the encouragement we get from each other to try new things.  I am sure it's true in a marriage in general, I mean, in the context of different cultural things.  

I am a big fan of Japanese food.  Sashimi, sushi, hm... Dave never wanted to try anything raw, and I would suggest, how about California Roll?  Even then, it would say, the rice is too vinegar-i.  really?!?  He would use any excuse NOT to have any sushi . LOL.  (Chicken feet was easier :D)

So, usually, I only go to sushi when I go out to lunch with coworkers, or when Dave goes out of town for business trips, and I would gather friends and go sushi!  haha, maybe that's the motivation.  So, one day, he said, I like to try sushi!  I was like, what?  

Sushi: A Pocket Guide

Here is the historical moment, he's actually trying a Amaebi!  (Japanese Sweet Shrimp)

Now, Salmon and Yellowtail are his favorite.  He would also eat Uni (sea urchin) which is my favorite!

So glad that we can enjoy Japanese Sushi together now, the problem is... it's getting expensive!  Before, I could order any sushi I like, knowing that he would just order his Chicken Teriyaki.  But now that both of us enjoy sushi, need to budget this item in!  

Dave said to me the other day... "My taste buds has changed a lot since I know you, and it's a good thing :)"    Ha Ha.

Everyday is an adventure, glad we can do it together.  

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